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The file extension FDF - Acrobat Forms Data Format is actually a file extension is used by certain Adobe programs. The extension itself is made using a text file format, and its main purpose is to export data from a PDF form field whenever required. This file is strictly smaller than most PDF files, and the reason is that these files only contain a small amount of form field data, which means that the files are typically tiny in size compared to a full PDF. This file type can actually be created in Adobe Acrobat simply by making the selection of advanced, choosing forms, choosing export forms data all from the main menu section. FDF - Acrobat Forms Data Format files are typically processed on many web servers by utilizing the CGI script involved in its creation.

The fantastic thing about this file extension is that it is made using the application, and that's what makes it so popular amongst people from all over the world. Adobe has long since been the industry leader in terms of innovative programs and much more. Anyone seeing the fact that this FDF - Acrobat Forms Data Format file is used by Adobe Acrobat will simply realize that it is the premier program that they should be using rather than paying for an expensive program with similar functionality from a lesser-known company and having to deal with bugs and other problems.

Another positive about the file extension FDF - Acrobat Forms Data Format is that since it runs on Adobe Acrobat, it can be used with virtually any computer in existence and most operating systems, including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Make sure that you check out all the fantastic features that this file type contains when making your selection on the kind of PDF reader that you need before coming to any major conclusions and spending too much money. You will likely see that Adobe Acrobat and this file type can handle all of your tasks with relative ease, and that is why so many people choose Adobe products each and every day.

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