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Remember how you felt in math class? Most of us couldn't imagine how numbers and formulas would ever be anything interesting, but there were a few who had imagination and took those numbers and formulas to create the incredible imagery of fractal flames. That string of numbers which is known as an algorithm looks pretty awesome when you download FLAM3 to do graphics and animation. The different algorithms create repeating patterns that build on themselves to become complex. This stuff will have you staring at the screen in fascination for a long time.

FLAM3 is a data file that contains the parameters you will use to auto-generate fractal flames. You will need to save your image or animation in an XML format and render it with a program like the fractal flame editor Apophysis 7X 14 Beta. It can be used instead of a .FLAME extension. This file contains code for chaos-game, rendering, interpolating and mutating fractals. It does put some limits on the variations: each xform is allowed only one variation but you'd never guess it because additive variations create new ones.

Probably the best thing about the FLAM3 - Fractal Flames File is the ability it gives you to create patterns that grow and change. You can save them as images or make a screensaver that is way more fun than math class!

Product(s) that can open FLAM3 file

Apophysis 7X 14 Beta
Apophysis 7X 14 Beta
Apophysis 7X 14 Beta Ever seen one of those beautiful, spiraling, multi-color images that have an almost tie-dye appearance? They are fractal flame images. Fractal...
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