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An » FMW - FME Workbench File

is a file which was created and saved by the program FME Workbench. This program is a spacial data translation application which is included with the FME desktop suite. This kind of file typically contains spacial data manipulation settings. These are stored as a visual layout. This file can also store input data sets, output settings and translation properties. This project file can access and decipher data from relational database formats, many other formats and even text files. The FME Workbench program is often referred to as an ETL (extract, translate, load) program, thanks to the fact that it supports such a wide range of formats. This useful project file is sure to come in handy in your software database.

Product(s) that can open FMW file

Safe Software FME Desktop
Safe Software FME Desktop
Safe Software FME Desktop Having different spatial relationships can be a good thing if you are looking for this type of data, but when it comes time to figure out where...
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