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Information about FPA files and how to open them

FPA - Front Panel Encrypted Order File

This extension is for a file generated by the Front Panel Designer software package from Front Panel Express. This package is a design software so users can custom design their own front panels for electronics enclosures such as custom design instrument enclosures, computer cases (both front panel and rear panels), radio enclosures, electronics cases, speaker boxes and other types of custom enclosures. Once the design has been completed and the customer is ready to order, the FPA order file is generated and is ready to be sent to Front Panel Express so the custom front panel can be manufactured. The FPO file extension may also be associated with Front Panel Designer.

Front Panel Designer is provided directly from Front Panel Express and enables the customer to design front panels for any application where a custom panel is required. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems as a free package from Front Panel Express to expedite the design and manufacturing process via CNC technology directly based from the user created design from Front Panel Designer. The current version of Front Panel Designer is 4.1.

Product(s) that can open FPA file

Front Panel Designer
Front Panel Designer
Front Panel Designer Front Panel Designer is a freeware tool that helps users create and customize panels or enclosures that meet their unique specifications. It...
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