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If you like look of IKEA interiors ( and frankly who doesn't?) FPF - IKEA Home Planner File is right up your street.

It allows you to design kitchens, offices and bedrooms with IKEA furniture, with the help of a floor plan and a custom room layout of IKEA furntiure that can be placed anywhere in the room. And, whilst you're designing you can inspect your vision in 3D from multiple angles

One click on "save as" lets you save FPF files locally, or very conveniently, selecting "save to IKEA" will save them straight on IKEA's server.

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IKEA Home Planner
 IKEA Home Planner
IKEA Home Planner Most part of our life we spend at our houses and offices. So it's furniture and atmosphere very important to us as our mood and health...
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