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If you're running a business, you know that your time is valuable. Don't waste it on mundane tasks that technology can accomplish for you! The FQC - FAQ Creator File will take your content and generate an FAQ page for your website or software manuals.

In today's digital age, I constantly find myself navigating directly to a website's FAQ page. Upon first introduction, customers don't want to click through countless pages of information. They want the important facts and they want them in an up-front, easy to read format. The FAQ Creator File will provide that for you with very little effort on your part. All you have to do is download the application and upload your text. The application will do all the work of putting the content into a question and answer format.

The FQC - FAQ Creator File can create HTML, plain text, .DOC and .PDF files. I love the versatility because you can have the same look and feel on your webpage as you do in your manual or other literature.

This easy-to-use application is versatile, saves you time and creates impressive looking documents that you can be proud of. Do yourself and your business a favor and download it today.

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CaosG FAQ Creator
CaosG FAQ Creator
CaosG FAQ Creator A set of projects undertaken by the community CaosG. Since browser games to applications.
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