File Extension FWDN

Information about FWDN files and how to open them

We will be going over the benefits, reasoning and applications of the FWDN file format today.

fWriter is a program dedicated to word processing. As all text editors do, it creates text files. fWriter also has its own specific file format, which it uses as the standard for creating text-based files. Of course, their proprietary file can be exported to popular formats. You are using a FWDN file extension, initially, when you are using fWriter.

What is the purpose of a specific file format? All programs are coded differently by their developers; therefore, all proprietary files are meant to address the issues or benefits of using that specific word processor.

FWDN - fWriter Document is the file format used by fWriter. It stores all of the proprietary text based information, including formatting and page information. These file formats are specifically created for Spanish speaking countries, because fWriter is a Spanish text editor.

The typical use for an FWDN file extension is for processing information in a Spanish text editor. It supports Spanish characters better than other programs. In the end, it is still another text editor. If you write in Spanish, you may prefer fWriter to non-Spanish text editors.

You can convert the file to other formats straight from fWriters command interface. You will probably have to switch from the proprietary format to use your word document, or you may have to copy and paste the information where you want it. There is no difference between copy and pasted text, minus the formatting.

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