File Extension GMS

Information about GMS files and how to open them

GMS - Gesture and Motion Signal File is used by many formats. Games may be one of the most common uses of the motion data format. This file saves the gesture and motion specifics. Many elements today are using the GMS - Gesture and Motion Signal File. The computer has many aspects of it with the mouse and the touch screen. A wave of the hand can move characters all over the board. This is extremely relevant with the Kinect. Other aspects of the computer world are using the file, with cars being aware of motion gesture the use of the file is expanding. The GMS - Gesture and Motion Signal File is important to site developers creating virtual worlds for visitors to enjoy.

Product(s) that can open GMS file

LibGMS libGMS is a cross-platform, portable, light, C library for reading and writing Gesture and Movement Signal (GMS) files. libGMS is open...
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