File Extension GNP

Information about GNP files and how to open them

GNP - GNPeak Output File

This extension is for a file type which is generated by GNPeak as an output file. GNPeak is a software program used to analyze any input atomic structure cluster to determine clusters and atomic values. It is used to identify the main sub-clusters available within the structhre such as the main 2, 3 and 4 body combinations which are relevant to calcuate the lead single and multiple scatter contributors of the x-ray absorption (photoabsorber) cross section. The generated file ABC.GNP will contain a listing of the g2 (two body), g3 (three body) and g4 (four body) distribution function peaks which are found in the primary cluster under the specified cutoof. This is a useful format to rapidly inspect the peak analysis which is performed by GNPeak.

GNPeak is used on UNIX and Linux based systems and also generates a .GNX numeric output file which is also used for atomic data analysis. GNPeak is often used with the CRYMOL software program to automatically generate input formatted files such as the ABC. ATO file for use in GNPeak.

Note: An alternative use for the GNP file extension is a reversal of the graphics file extension PNG.

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