File Extension GSD

Information about GSD files and how to open them

A GSD - General Station Description File is an ASCII text configuration file. This type of configuration file is used by a set of network protocols known as a Process Field Bus or PROFIBUS.

The configuration file is used to give information to the Decentralized Periferal (DP) or Process Automation (PA) devices. The General Station Description (GSD) file can be created or edited using any plain text editor such as, Notepad or using the PROFIBUS GSD editor program.

The actual contents of the GSD file consists of keywords and other configuration information, all on seperate lines dividing each word or command from the next. These words and other information enable communication and control of and between sensors, switches and other components on the PROFIBUS network.

The file extension of the GSD file is determined by the language being used in the file. The last letter of the extension indicates the language used, English uses a .gse, French is .gsf, German .gsg, Italian .gsi, Portugese .gsp and Spanish is .gss.

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