File Extension HDUMX

Information about HDUMX files and how to open them

HDUMX - HotDocs User Mapping XML File

This file type is used by a digital form prep program called HotDocs. It is most often used for designing and producing legal documents and insurance forms both as templates and as finished documents. However, with the ability to design and save forms, HotDocs can be used to create any type of active form for use on the web and within corporate settings. This means any type of form from job applications, entry forms, business forms, banking forms and many other types can be filled out with the active variable fields and stored for later use.

HotDocs allows users to save variable mapping data for use in HotDocs and for use in third-party applications that will interface with the HotDocs program and files. Since it is in XML format, other XML editors can also access and modify HDUMX files with limited success unless the HotDocs variable mapping is supported.

Another referent for HDUMX files are "User Answer Source Mapping" files which means programs and sites that support UASM files should also support HDUMX files without modification. HotDocs supports standalone, enterprise-wide, online and cloud usage for additional flexibility.



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