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HFD - HotDocs Form Document is a document format created by HotDocs, a program that is used for automating document generation. The HFD was created as an earlier competitor to Adobe's .PDF format. Since that time HotDocs has adopted the PDF format. HotDocs can create digital forms in a HotDocs PDF format. This makes the HFD format extremely versatile when preparing a vast array of documents, from legal forms, to contracts and insurance forms. I use the HFD format every year when its time to file for my taxes. This format makes it easy produce automated documents for business and personal needs.

What makes HotDocs such a great program is that it can save form information, populate answers, and give you a page layout format that makes it easy to create legal, contracting, and insurance forms. HotDocs suite comes complete with multiple programs like the HotDocs Filler

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HotDocs If you have documents that need to be recreated often, HotDocs Developer can be for you. HotDocs Developer can change your documents and PDF...
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