File Extension HFT

Information about HFT files and how to open them

HFT - HotDocs Form Template is a massively popular document template that has been created by HotDocs, which is a software package used mostly for the generating of unique documents. This file type is capable of saving a template for a digital form, and it is usually used for a legal insurance form. It can also be saved as an HFD document type by filling up the fields with answers. These answers can actually be placed into the form itself manually, or it can be done using a populated ANX file. It is also worth noting that this HFT file format is loosely based on Envoy page formats, and these were known to be competitors with Adobe’s PDF file format. HotDocs can usually support PDF templates that use this extension.

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HotDocs If you have documents that need to be recreated often, HotDocs Developer can be for you. HotDocs Developer can change your documents and PDF...
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