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Information about HTB files and how to open them

The HTB - Audacity Help File is a proprietary file that contains help files for Windows and files used by Mac and Linux operating systems for use with the free Audacity sound editor program. The downloadable HTB file was compressed as a .zip file. To use this file it needs to be decompressed by changing the 3 letter extension of the file to .zip and then decompressing it using WinZip, WinRar or any other ZIP utility type program.

Once unzipped the file contents will provide the Audacity program with help files for users of Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. These files are a combination of Windows type help files, HTML files and images all of these are used to answer Audacity questions and guide the user in the use of the program.

The actual HTB file extension is used for HttpBrowser data files. Files of this type are generally used with freeware and widgets as it is a nonproprietary file type. These file extension types are popular for these uses as they are fairly easy to code for use in a larger program as a way to easily and quickly add in or update help files.

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