File Extension HTXT

Information about HTXT files and how to open them

Have you ever tried to read a Chinese book, but found the format to be corrupted and poorly spaced? Hanvon WISEreader eReader devices were developed to fill this problem. They created an electronic book that excels at displaying Chinese symbols and images. Why is this important? There are Chinese books on a widely distributed scale. Of course, there needs to be a format for this electronic book. You want to read one of these HTXT files, but you don't have a program that recognizes the format.

HTXT - Hanvon eBook File is a format specifically for chinese books. It is used in the Hanvon WISEreader eReader devices. It does not have a desktop reader software component that can read this format.

Since HTXT is only available for the WISEreader, there is no way for you to read the book on your PC; however, you can use your PC as a means of transferring the files from one PC to your device. In essence, acting as a catalog for all of your books.

The benefits of using this format are the crisp, clear Chinese characters. No other format properly shows Chinese characters like the HTXT format. This is due to its specific formatting and font settings, which enable Chinese characters to be read in a consistent manner. DRM, Digital Rights Management, allows authors to protect their creations against plagiarism and computer piracy. Hanvon has created a format that is elegant and secure. That is hard to beat.

If you are interested in reading chinese books, there is only one way to do it. Use the HTXT - Hanvon eBook File to enjoy the books in their native format, simply and blissfully

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