File Extension ICHAT

Information about ICHAT files and how to open them


ICHAT - iChat Saved Chat Log is a file extension that you can download online and is very good for iChat. If you do not have this software program, then this file extension will not do you any good.

iChat is an online chatting application which is included with Mac OS X. This is neat because it actually saves any of the chat logs that are currently open. This file extension also enables the user to review past discussions. All you will have to do is choose file and save a copy as which is located in the application menu in this program. You will be able to download this wonderful application file extension online.

All of the files from iChat are also saved in a format that is binary. You will not be able to view any of these files with a text editor, so you should be aware of that. You should also be aware that if you choose to double click an iChat file on your Mac computer, it will be opened up automatically and will reveal the entire chat log. This file extension definitely comes in handy when you need it the most. Many people have already taken advantage of it, and you can too.

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