File Extension IPROJECT

Information about IPROJECT files and how to open them

IPROJECT - iClone Project File is a file extension in which you can use only if you are using iClone. This is a software program which is used for 3D animation. You will be able to use this file extension when it comes to adding features and many other options.

The extension that is available for download consists of project settings as well as assets like backgrounds and much more. You will also be able to take advantage of props, avatars, and much more. You will need to download the extension to take advantage of these. Music and other editable 3D media files are also available once you download this extension which can be accessed online.

The extension can also be used to export video file formats such as .WMV and .AVI files. They may very well be exported as Flash based widgets as well. You should be aware that they may be very large in size. If you want to take advantage of this download you can go online. It is free of charge so you won’t have to worry about paying anything for it. It definitely comes in handy when you need it the most.

Product(s) that can open IPROJECT file

Reallusion iClone 5
Reallusion iClone 5
Reallusion iClone 5 If you enjoy holograms, illusions and real time characters, you will definitely want to get Reallusion iClone 5. This realistic program software...
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