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IRP - Internet Researcher Project File 2.2 made by ZX, Inc. in Russia is a great tool for students, real estate agents, writers or anyone that needs to research a complex topic. Instead of trying to sort through long lists of bookmarked sites or search engine results, you get to download whole pages of websites and place them in handy files.

If your Internet connection is very slow, spotty or if you have to work offline on projects, then IRP helps you keep all of your source material handy when you can’t get online. You can download text, images and video, including those run by Java or Flash.

All you have to do is type in a website’s home page or base URL and it will quickly download the site. This keeps you from having to download page after page. This is a great time-saver if you have to share research with your friends or other members working on a similar project.

You can also search through the websites you have downloaded by entering a keyword. This is great for those of us who easily get eyestrain.

There is a free trial version of IRP but it’s only good for 30 tries. This is more than enough time get a good feel for the shareware and see if it works for you. After the trial period is up, you cannot use it again until you pay the fees.

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Zylox Software Internet Researcher
Zylox Software Internet Researcher
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