File Extension IRR

Information about IRR files and how to open them

IRR - Brewer Lamp File is a file extension in which anyone can benefit from. You must, however, be using the UVBrewer software program in order to take advantage of this file extension. It is simply a program which helps you out with data analysis.

Anyone can use this extension to help define the irradiance properties of a specific lamp, and much more. It was actually designed by simply calibrating a lamp followed by selecting “Save lamp file” located within the UVBrewer program. If you want more information, all you will need to do is simply go online to get what you need out of this before you decide to install it.

The features and other options are limitless, and they come in handy when you need them to. The best part about this download is that it is free of charge, so there is no need to have to pay anything to get a better experience from your program. It is really worth the time and effort that you put into it. It makes a lot of sense once you begin using it. The installation process is simple and fast and you will open more doors for greater opportunities within the program.

Product(s) that can open IRR file

Brewer UVBrewer
Brewer UVBrewer
Brewer UVBrewer Brewer UVBrewer is an application that analyzes Brewer UV data. It is mainly used as a way of reducing UV information files that were created...
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