File Extension IRX

Information about IRX files and how to open them

IRX - Brewer Irradiation File is a file type that is used by UVBrewer, a great little program for calibrating your lamp. The IRX file itself contains irradiance data. This is the data that is used in the calibration progress conducted by UVBrewer.

The software is perfect for photographers, videographers and anyone else who uses their camera in a studio setting. When used properly, UVBrewer can be tremendously helpful in getting exactly the look that you're going for. It's not always easy to get the lighting you want, especially with how hard it can be to find the right bulbs these days, but UVBrewer and UVBrewer-compatible lamps can make all the difference in the world, producing top notch photos that look just like they did in your mind when you first came up with your idea for a photo shoot.

If you want to create better photographs, if you want to get the results that you're after faster than ever and if you want to make your studio run a little more efficiently and smoothly, UVBrewer can be just the thing to get you exactly the results that you are after. IRX files can be a big help in setting your lighting as needed.

Product(s) that can open IRX file

Brewer UVBrewer
Brewer UVBrewer
Brewer UVBrewer Brewer UVBrewer is an application that analyzes Brewer UV data. It is mainly used as a way of reducing UV information files that were created...
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