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Information about ISMV files and how to open them

The ISMV - IIS Smooth Streaming Video File is a file that is designed and coded for the purpose of Smooth Streaming on a Microsoft IIS Web server. This video file saves MP4 files in a unique broken format which allows the file to be stored in smaller pieces within the entire video container.

This creates a functional format for Smooth Streaming because the video can be requested in smaller increments, making it more manageable by the operating system. ISMV files are stored in the Protected Interoperable File Format (PIFF). This particular format is based off of the MP4 specifications and is MS’s standard for content delivery of multimedia files.

This particular format provides the capability for encryption and DRM protection of stored files. Streaming over the http protocol is made possible by Smooth Streaming, which also makes the negotiation of variable transfer possible. This means that Multiple ISMV files can be stored on IIS servers with each file being located at a different quality level. Smooth Steaming picks the optimal file based of the current bit rate and then extracts the fragmented pieces of the file in different increments.

To encode ISMV use the paid version of Microsoft Expression Encoder.

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