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ISO - Disc Image File 

File Extension ISO

Information about ISO files and how to open them

The ISO - Disc Image File is a helpful file with CDs and DVDs, specifically in making copies of them. The disc image file format will be duplicated exactly to help include all data on the disc in addition to the system information.

The information contained in the image file may include:

- File attributes

- Directory structures

- All files

- Boot codes

When making multiple copies of DVDs and CDs, the ISO - Disc Image File can be used to ensure the copied CD or DVD is able to boot just as the original one did. Every bit of data will be copied exactly, ensuring there is no missing information lost in the process of copying.

The ISO - Disc Image File can also be used to restore discs to the original version. Windows 7 features a utility titled Disc Image Burner. This will burn ISO images to DVDs and CDs, making using the files that much easier.

The file can be used in Windows 7 as well as older versions of Windows. Some ISO files can also be read by a Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) using a utility called Fast Loader.

Anyone who copies and duplicates discs will find this file to be of assistance.

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