File Extension JCLIC

Information about JCLIC files and how to open them

The file extension JCLIC - JClic Project File is actually a kind of file that was created by the world-renowned program JClic. This is a program that was created in Java, and is typically utilized in the creation of mini games to be used in educational setting, this file type is actually capable of saving multiple activities, which are comprised of quizzes, difficult puzzles or other activities that revolve around a game setting. One of the most interesting things about this file extension is that they can be saved using an XML format, and it even saves the layout of every activity screen, including all of the events that get triggered because of the user input.

The file type JCLIC - JClic Project File can typically be distributed through the extension .JNLP. Usually, when you open up this file to be used, JClic is capable of downloading the following file and saves all the activity to the program's library folder. Another great thing is that these files are usually compressed, which means that they can also utilize the file extension whenever needed. Now, it does need to be mentioned that the file extension JCLIC - JClic Project File does require a clean installation of Java runtime environment to be used properly. The program on its own can be installed from the JNLP file and then opened using Java Web Start as a way to install the software quickly.

The fact that the extension JCLIC - JClic Project File is made using the Java runtime environment means that you should have a smooth running every step of the way. The program should not have any problems on your machine. Mostly, this file extension works on programs that run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Thankfully, you may also be able to get it to run on other choice operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X with a few additional tweaks. Make sure that you check out this program and its file extension as soon as possible to begin learning about how it can do a wide variety of tasks that will suit your unique needs.

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