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The file extension JRTF - JAmes OS Rich Text File is a very unique file type is actually rich text file format, and it is used by operating systems for several different purposes. This Rich text file type is actually utilized by the James operating system, which is an emulated OS that usually runs in versions of Microsoft Windows. This file type sometimes contains bold type, several various fonts, including italics. It should be noted that since this is an emulation program, it will run as smoothly as your current operating system runs right now.

This file type known as JRTF - JAmes OS Rich Text File also contains several various simple formatting elements for relative ease of use. It can also be used for storing text documents in the James operating system for later retrieval. The JRTF file format is surprisingly the exact same as a Rich text file with the extension of RTF. The only difference in the Rich text file and with this one is that the JRTF file format is only used by the James operating system. The fascinating thing about this is that any text editing environment that is capable of opening an RTF file should be able to open up a JRTF file. This little known fact should be more than enough to make you want to check out the James operating system and its proprietary file type, if for any reason, at least to see what it can do for you.

Make sure that you download the file extension JRTF - JAmes OS Rich Text File today along with its proprietary emulated operating system James OS. You may just find out that this is a tool that will be extremely useful in many applications that you use each and every day, and that should be more than enough to justify the time spent downloading and installing this fabulous program and file extension. Download this file extension and open it up in your current text editing environment to get a feel for what it is and how it works.

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