File Extension KVTML

Information about KVTML files and how to open them

KVTML - KWordQuiz File is a file format that holds the data to a set of flashcards. It is created by a program called KWordQuiz. KwordQuiz is designed to teach you vocabulary and create quizzes.

The file format, as said before, holds the data for flashcards, such as words and formatting. This file format is a proprietary format for KWordQuiz. It also loads the information for multiple choice quizzes and commits vocabulary to your computers memory.

If you haven't guessed from the name, KWordQuiz is designed to create quizzes and other learning materials. It does that and creates flash cards. Typically, the program is used to learn new vocabulary words for a new language. The file format, KVTML, is used to hold all of the data for this program. This program is, mainly, educational in nature.

KWordQuiz is a program that is designed to run on the KDE environment. The KDE environment is a Linux-based desktop environment.

When running a Linux desktop environment, you may want to try out KWordQuiz. It is useful for learning new languages and memorizing important information. It could be used as a study aid while in college. You will also be able to experience the KVTML file format.

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