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Information about LGF files and how to open them

The LGF - PMSCAN Log File is a data file which is utilized by PMSCAN, an OBD-II type scanner used in evaluating and analyzing a vehicle's performance and pinpointing specific problems. The automobile industry is relying more and more on technology and this type of vehicle internalized scanning will soon be the mainstream method of diagnosing issues within a vehicle's mechanical system.

An OBD-II scanner is connected to an automobile via computers and wires, and is then tested on a computer using this software. Trained technicians and mechanics interpret the results, using the skills they learned from training. They then report the results in the software and archive the information, or to share with a customer.

The data file, known as LGF - PMSCAN Log File supports over 220 OBD-II parameters and various diagnostic trouble codes (known as DTCs). The resulting tests can then be imported into a graph or table format with the PSCAN software program and interpreted by other professionals. The average consumer or mechanic using this program just needs to know the file type and be aware that this is the file you will keep all your main data in.

The file can be exported into various charts and graphs to extrapolate data beyond the basic testing by showing results in various formats and applications.

Some mechanics use such software to perform a basic tune-up or to monitor important systems within an automobile for a longer perod of time. They can check the basic operation of the O2 sensors and check the overall health of a vehicle in a fraction of the time it would take to do this manually.

The file is also considered a log file, since it logs data during the process for future reference.

Since it is compatible with over 200 parameters and codes, that makes it transportable to other computers or systems, allowing for each communication between mechanics if a problem is referred to another mechanic or technician for further analysis. Beginning mechanics or mechanics who are not familiar with the software should remember the file type for future reference when using this program.

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