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Information about LGL files and how to open them

LeechGet may be just the thing if you're looking for great download management software. The Windows program makes it very easy to efficiently organize, download and upload files to and from other uses. Whether you're looking for obscure old movies and videos, rare music or eBooks and software, LeechGet allows you to share your files with millions of other users around the world.

If you've been using LeechGet, you'll notice the LGL - LeechGet Download List files. Know that these files are not meant to be opened manually. Rather, LGL is there for your LeechGet software to reference while keeping the files organized. LGL lets LeechGet know what to download, so to speak. If you open the file manually, all you're going to get is strings of encrypted code in Notepad.

If you're really curious about the inner workings of the program, you'll want to talk to the developers. Otherwise, don't worry about the LGL files, just make sure that you leave them in the same directory where LeechGet creates them and references them, or else you may wind up with download software that doesn't have any idea of what it is that you want to download.

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