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The file extension LSR - LANsurveyor Report can typically only be opened by one proprietary program for which it was designed , and that means that it is completely reliable in that it doesn't have third-party code installed. This fantastic file extension is meant to run using the program LANsurveyor, which is an extremely reliable piece of software that thousands of people from all over the world have been using on a daily basis since its inception. What this file extension actually does is simple even given its complexity of design. It should be noted that this file extension is quite small, and can even be placed on a thumb drive if you need to transfer between your machines. The mobility given to you from such a small file makes it all the more useful for a wide range of purposes.

The truth is that the file extension LSR - LANsurveyor Report is a customized report file that is generated by the LANsurveyor program. This report contains a wealth of information that will help you make important choices when using LANsurveyor. One of the most important things that it does is to provide you with information about all of the network devices that are being used on your company's network connection. It gives all this information to you in a very convenient spreadsheet format to help you sift through it with relative ease. The fact that it gives this information in a spreadsheet makes it very convenient, and helps professionals keep their files organized with little hassle.

Having the information that you need when you're a network administrator can make all the difference in the long run. That is why so many people use LANsurveyor and its proprietary file type LSR - LANsurveyor Report for all of their administration requirements. Knowing who is on your network, and when they have been using the network on a regular basis, will help you make many decisions to keep your company running smoothly. Understanding each of the devices that are used to access your network and the length of time that they were used can be invaluable information.

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LANsurveyor LANsurveyor 10.2 provides a real-time environment for the discovery of networks and reporting of both hardware and software on your computer...
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