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The file extension LSU - LANsurveyor Map is actually a map file that is used by the program LANsurveyor, and it is an extremely versatile file type that is used for several different purposes. The most important of these uses revolves around network map filing. This file type acts as a network map file, and visually it is representative of the devices that are connected to any given network which is being monitored by the LANsurveyor client program. There are many different readouts that this file type can provide LANsurveyor for network administrators to use as needed. This lets you know how many people are on your given network and the devices that are connected to the network in question. It also let you know how long they have been on the network and how much data has been transmitted from their device through the network. This allows network administrators to keep track of all of the traffic coming to and from the network that they are in charge of.

If you are a network administrator and you need a reliable program that will suit your unique needs, you should certainly check out LANsurveyor and its file extension LSU - LANsurveyor Map before checking out any programs made by other competitors on the market today. This is one of those unique programs that many people are starting to discover in recent times, and there are many great reasons for that. Firstly, this program runs smoothly on most machines that are configured properly for network administration. The user interface is very slick and smooth, and it simply runs without a hitch. Make sure that you check out this program as soon as you have some free time to spare to try something new out. You may just realize that this is one of those programs that you simply cannot live without. At the very least, you'll be impressed by how clean and accurate the file extension LSU - LANsurveyor Map tends to be on most networks. This is what makes it so popular with both major corporations and small companies running their own IT departments.

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LANsurveyor LANsurveyor 10.2 provides a real-time environment for the discovery of networks and reporting of both hardware and software on your computer...
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