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Information about LTF files and how to open them

The LTF - Laser App Temp Form File is a program file created by Laser App that allows financial planners and advisors to create and fill forms. This program is comprehensive and diverse, allowing the user to create forms with fields that can be auto-filled or filled out by the advisor manually. Each layout that is created can be saved at numerous stages of the completion process. The document can be saved as a blank document with only the form layout intact, or it can be saved either partially or 100% completed. Forms can be reproduced as is or modified. This file is used to create annuities forms, broker forms, insurance documents and much more.

Product(s) that can open LTF file

Laser App
Laser App
Laser App   Most financial planners have their customer data somewhere. And most planners are stuck filling out forms. Laser App Enterprise...
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