File Extension LVM

Information about LVM files and how to open them

The LVM - LabVIEW Measurement File is a measurement file that functions as a graphical programming application that is used in the development of tests, control applications and measurements through the use of instrument hardware. The LVM - LabVIEW Measurement File Was designed and developed by LabVIEW and encompasses one dimensional data that is designed for small to moderate sized data sets. These files are in the ASCII text format and arranged by columns.

Each line contains or stores a tab of comma delimited records with its corresponding data as well as an identifier tag. The LVM - LabVIEW Measurement File can be edited in MS Excel or in any text editor. The LVM file can store output data one of two ways, it can store data by using the LabVIEW “Write to Measurement File” function. You can also it can also serve as the data input by using the “Read From Measurement File” function.

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