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The Mac versus PC debate has raged on far too long and without any really meaning. With both sides claiming better function and definition, it seems like the two will always be incompatible. Unless you are talking about the MACBIN - Macbinary Encoded File extension, which quickly and easily allows you to transfer encoded files to and from a Mac with proficiency and ease.

Compressed files encoded in Apple binary or Mac Bin allow you to save space when sending data between users. However, in the past, using such applications had dire effects unless both operating systems were Macs. With the MACBIN - Macbinary Encoded File, you don't have to worry about where your sender opens his or her document. The MACBIN - Macbinary Encoded File works by first targeting a header, then relating it to the data fork and resource fork. All three can be contained in one Mac Bin document. Saved in MacBinary (or MacBinary II or MacBinary III), the data is then formatted and used to pass Mac files from one place to another over the internet.

Using a .BIN extension, the MACBIN - Macbinary Encoded File allows you to easily compress and compile files to be sent to coworkers and friends.

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