File Extension MAG

Information about MAG files and how to open them

MAG - Magic Circuit Layout File is the file that confirms whether a circuit is working or not. It is a very important file to the fields of computer science and computer engineering.

What does this file contain inside of it? It contains the schematic for a circuit, which could be very large scale. These layouts are used to create large scale circuits for electrical fields and professions. The file also contains a redundancy to ensure that it is error free when it is made. It will check the circuit to make sure that it functions correctly; an additional form of verification.

The file is useful to the Magic Program, which is a tool used to create very large scale integration circuits and layouts. Magic is typically incorporated in the education of professionals that deal with electric circuits.

If you tend to deal with electronic or are involved in computer science or computer engineering, you will be dealing with MAG file extensions on a frequent basis. Many of the circuits you will be creating come from a MAG formated file. These files provide the schematic for the circuit you are dealing. As with everything in these fields, schematics often come in a digital format for easier access and modification.

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