File Extension MEL

Information about MEL files and how to open them

MEL - Maya Embedded Language File is a scripting language. It works in conjunction with other software like the 3D Graphics Sofware, Maya, which is made by Autodesk. It basically does the same thing as GUI files, but MEL can do some things that GUI cannot do. What MEL ultimately does is make repetitive tasks a little less tedious by speeding up the process. MEL gives users the ability to share command functions with other people that may work with the MEL language, however it does not work well for mainstream usage. Rather, it works best with Maya.

Product(s) that can open MEL file

Autodesk Maya 2013
Autodesk Maya 2013
Autodesk Maya 2013 Whenever you watch one of the latest movies from Hollywood, you're likely seeing Autodesk Maya 2013 in action. It's a complex application...
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