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Information about MUP files and how to open them

MUP - Music Publisher Score has all of the notes, symbols and music shortcuts a music publisher needs. The only thing missing is the paper. The MUP - Music Publisher Score places every decision to place a note here or there entirely up to the publisher. Help is available to teach you to use the program if you like but there is no set anything with this program. You can be as creative as you like.

There are four ranges a publisher can work at. The beginning is one and a publisher can move into the various ranges depending upon how well he or she can use the program. Anything that can be put to paper can be done with this program and more. The MUP - Music Publisher Score has a drop and drag function, allows a playback feature to listen to the masterpiece. Create beautiful pictures to showcase your work; giving it that complete look. For some music is a passion, MUP - Music Publisher Score helps you to express that passion.

Product(s) that can open MUP file

Braeburn Music Publisher
Braeburn Music Publisher
Braeburn Music PublisherMusic Publisher is a professional quality music notation software system for all 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms. Focussed entirely on the printed...
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