File Extension MWX

Information about MWX files and how to open them

MWX - MapGuide Author Map Window XML File is designed by MapGuide Autthor for the purpose of integrating CAD & GIS data, along with design maps. This file contains a complete descriptive expression of all data covered in the map, this includes layer settings, styles, colors, name as well as the contacting server address that is used in retaining map configurations. It is also the facilitator in the task of contacting the Autodesk MapGuide servers for the purpose of displaying spatial data.

MWX extensions rarely store spatial data themselves; they simply specify the manner in which the data is displayed in a map. MWX is stored in the basic XML format so that it can be programmatically modified and parsed.

This file extension is most often used to create shared views of GIS, CAD, and map data between multiple users. These files are the XML binary representation.

Product(s) that can open MWX file

Autodesk MapGuide Viewer
Autodesk MapGuide Viewer
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