File Extension MXAD

Information about MXAD files and how to open them

MXAD - Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File is a file extension that is mainly used for visualizing different images. If you are using Mandelbrot Explorer, then you can take advantage of this file extension too. You can use this extension to simply store fractal parameters and much more. This extension consists of color schemes, and color visualizations. Everything you use will be saved in XML format too. You will then be able to export them to .BMP and even .JPG format files. You can also access your files and save them easily. You can download this extension by going online.

Product(s) that can open MXAD file

Mandelbrot Explorer
Mandelbrot Explorer
Mandelbrot Explorer Mandelbrot Explorer provides consumers with an easy way to investigate multithreading in GUI programs. It is more than capable of painting the...
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