File Extension NSQ

Information about NSQ files and how to open them

The NSQ - NScheduler Data File is a data file application that allows the user to create, generate and efficiently distribute reports saved in the QlikView Business Intelligence app. This program application was designed and developed and used by NPrinting to create the capability for businesses to schedule specific jobs that will create sales reports, complete purchase orders, and the export groups of data to certain external data sources.

The data contained within the NSQ - NScheduler Data File allows the NPrinting program to create schedules, tasks and jobs. The program application also has the capability to store the recipient and filter data in order to allow NPrinting can distribute its output data to all of the appropriate users. These files can export data to formats such as MS Excel spreadsheets in either XLS (Excel) or PDF documents.

Its diversity allows it to be utilized to email certain job results to participating users as file attachments. There are at least one or more jobs per schedule within the NSQ file and multiple tasks per job. The user has the capability to create the file as a one time or recurring event.

Product(s) that can open NSQ file

Syntes NPrinting
Syntes NPrinting
Syntes NPrinting Improve Performance NPrinting is the most advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView on the market. It...
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