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Noteworthy is more or less regarded as the industry standard for musical notation software. The program makes it easy to write musical compositions with a simple interface that should come as naturally as writing music on paper. You can even use your notations to play MIDI tunes so that you can hear your compositions out loud before deciding that you like what you've come up with.

The software lets you write lyrics and notes in addition to the actual musical notation, so everything that you want to write in your compositions can be written write there in the NWCTXT - NoteWorthy Composer Text File. If you've been having trouble with your current notation software or if you're tired of writing all of your music by hand, then you may want to give NoteWorthy a try.

Easy to use, easy to read, and the most popular notation software out there right now, NoteWorthy can help to make the difference between professional and amateurish musical notation. If you need to get those pages out to your band and you want to make sure that they're readable, professional and effective, then NoteWorthy may be just the program that you need to get your ideas out there.

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NoteWorthy Composer
NoteWorthy Composer
NoteWorthy Composer If you are searching for an authoring tool that is easy to use, download and evaluate NoteWorthy Composer. This notation processor and software...
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