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OCR - FAXGrapper Fax Text File

The OCR file type has been co-opted by many optical character recognition packages as an output file generated as a part of the OCR process. Optical character recognition is a process that converts graphics into readable text using various techniques from font recognition and comparison to mathematical algorithm based routines to generate readable and editable text.

The original OCR format is an ASCII text file developed by FAXGrapper to convert faxes into standard text files for use in word processing files and email packages. FAXGrapper is no longer in production and the OCR file format has been co-opted today as a generic type text file produced by any number of packages which incorporates optical character recognition as a part of their processes. While some packages will use this as a temporary file, other programs will use the OCR file as the end result file to be imported into a word processor or other utility for editing and manipulation.

Although FAXGrapper is no longer in production, many fax utilities use an OCR process as a part of the faxing proces and will generate an OCR file during the conversion process.

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