File Extension OLK14MESSAGE

Information about OLK14MESSAGE files and how to open them


The OLK14MESSAGE - Outlook Message File is an email client and calendar program. This message file was designed and development by Outlook 2011 for Apple Macs. This file includes the email’s header information, but the email body contents are not contained within the file, but exists in an external source file which allows the program to display messages while browsing email.

During the process of downloading new email, the Outlook program automatically generates local copies of email messages in OK14MESSAGE files. The subsequent files are then stored in subdirectories. The OLK14MESSAGE - Outlook Message Files are capable of being opened manually by simply double clicking on the file. You can, at times view fragmented pieces of text within the message when the file is stored in a proprietary format, when using certain text editors such as Apple TextEdit. This file gives an added dimension that gives Mac user.

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