File Extension ONTX

Information about ONTX files and how to open them

If you're looking for a translation of the Bible, then you can't go wrong with ONTX - theWord Encrypted Bible Text Module.

The main difference between the. ONT file and the .ONTX is that with the ONTX - theWord Encrypted Bible Text Module, users (and even third-party vendors) are able to protect the version of the Bible they're using.

And, there's no tricky installation either. ONTX - theWord Encrypted Bible Text Module, generally utilises ".ontx.exe" executable files, so the Bible will self-install whilst the software's running. On top of that, it's free!

Product(s) that can open ONTX file

theWord If you are tired of trying to find all of your Bible study notes that are not in the same place, you might like to download the free software...
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