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Information about ORT files and how to open them

The ORT - Rich Text Editor Document software by IBM allows you to edit on the fly, improving document quality. It is the default editor loaded in many of IBM'S products and is known as the "rich text editor." The most important functions it provides are the ability to edit and save documents, while using HTML .

It is most often packed in IBM's Web Sphere Portal Express, IBM Web Sphere Portal, and some Lotus programs. Temporary files are saved as .ORT files and serve as backup files, which may be recovered if the session closes unexpectedly.

The Rich Text Editor allows you to save a rich text document, with a confirm dialogue box, to verify the changes. This is an added security feature which allows you to consider before deleting the original file. It allows users to use HTML, add bold to text, underline, colors, highlighting, and more, as well as other options. This allows you to spice up your emails or documents, so that they appear the way they would in a browser, or make them more appealing and dynamic than plain text.

One note: if you enable the pop-up blocker in your browser, you will need to disable this before you will be able to save your edited document created with ORT - Rich Text Editor Document Rich Text Editor. Or add the host site to the "allowed sites" list to avoid this issues.

When editing in Firefox, you can encounter some issues when using the "Find and Replace" feature. With Firefox, it is not possible to match whole words when searching. However, this option is available when using other browsers.

This software provides a way to enrich documents or emails with rich text, and gives you control over the HTML, when it is needed to enhance your plain text document for business, sales letters, or other purposes.

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