File Extension PAW

Information about PAW files and how to open them

A PAW - Pawaa File is secure storage file. The PAW file format was developed by Pawaa Software as a secure file for transmission and storage primarily in an enterprise environment.

PAW files encapsulate a file with an encryption layerr and usage policy to protect the file from unauthorized access. Audit trails and expiration dates related to the file are also enforced to create a level of security controlling file distribution.

The Pawaa Software files are made to be used with a pawaaFILE format for intergration with enterprise applications. The most used programs included in the enterprise integration are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, as well as, Adobe Acrobat.

In the secure application you can save any document in the PAW format then it can be safely emailed and shared on the company network.

A PAW file may be opened with a program called the pawaaFILE Application or PFA, this program is freeware.

Product(s) that can open PAW file

pawaaFILE Application
pawaaFILE Application
pawaaFILE Application Using Google has always been easy, Google e-mail specifically, but one of the problems with Google e-mail is that it has never allowed users to...
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