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Information about PS1 files and how to open them

The PS1 - Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File is a shell program built by Windows PowerShell to automate Windows tasks. Microsoft used the .NET framework to develop and build this program. This program uses scripting language that falls along the line of .Bat or .CMD files, the difference is that instead of using Windows CMD.EXE along with programs, this program is initiated by Windows PowerShell.

Some examples of CMDlet program capabilities are the renaming of a group of files so that they may use a new file extension. The Cmdlet can also examine the output efficiency and results as well as examine the registry. These files also support file aliases, pipelines, positional parameters certain types of commands.

This file is installed by default on the Windows 7 operating systems. Be particularly careful in executing PS1scripts because these scripts have the capability to access a number of critical functions on the Windows operating system.

Product(s) that can open PS1 file

Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8 Pro
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