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Information about QVD files and how to open them

QVD - QlikView Data File

The QVD - QlikView Data File is a file that is used by QlikView. The file is designed to store comprehensive business data for sales, revenue costs, and profits, basically serving as an electronic balance sheet that provides a historical record that serves as a reference of historical, current, and predictive analysis. This comprehensive intelligence file is an invaluable tool for businesses.

This database file saves as an uncompressed “RAM impression” of a QlikView table the way it is stored in the program memory in QlikView. This allows the database to be opened and accessed quicker than normal. Whenever the QlikView Database is open QV houses the complete database in memory instead of the conventional way of saving it to disk. This creates the capability for quick and efficient data queries and computations. So, QlickView files are opened and loaded onto the memory as the software is opened, making the program extremely effective.

Product(s) that can open QVD file

Q-Eye QlikView Data File Viewer
Q-Eye QlikView Data File Viewer
Q-Eye QlikView Data File Viewer If you are among the thousands of people who need occasional access to QlikView reports, but you don’t own the incredibly popular QlikView...
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