File Extension REP

Information about REP files and how to open them

REP - Grand Theft Auto Replay File

REP – Grand Theft Auto replay file is a file made by the Grand Theft Auto game creators that has a series scenes that can capture a players gameplay at any moment. It saves what is going on in that time period including the actors present, weather involved, pedestrian and vehicle placements. This file is reviewed by the player to either re-experience the gameplay for enjoyment or to look for ways to improve their gameplay. REP files can be saved from the variety of Grand Theft Auto games. It should be noted that video data is not kept in the REP files, they only contain captured frame data that is replayable in Grand Theft Auto.

Product(s) that can open REP file

GTA Replays Manager
GTA Replays Manager
GTA Replays Manager GTA Replays Manager is a game that is specifically designed to work with the video games “Grand Theft Auto III,” “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and...
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