File Extension RSC

Information about RSC files and how to open them

The RSC - Symbian Application Compiled Resource File is a compiled resource file that is developed as an open source OS to be compatible with touch screen devices. This file is used by certain apps of Symbian OS and additional to touch screen devices this file application can be used with mobile devices and smart phones. It also uses resources that are a compilation gathered from RSS files and converted into binary format. RSC files are actually comprised of a completed Symbian application along with an APP file. This file allows app developers to conduct changes in the program without having to perform the task of compiling the APP file again. This is extremely helpful when performing the task of localizing the app to different languages.

Product(s) that can open RSC file

Carbide.c++ The Carbide.c++ IDE is designed from the ground up for developers creating Symbian C++ software for Symbian devices. It provides features for...
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