File Extension SAVE

Information about SAVE files and how to open them

Have you ever been working on a text file? If you are a bit stranger or a bit more curious than the average person, you are working on a text file in a Unix text editor. It could be your only way of composing your words. It could be that you like to work with text based command lines.

When you are using the Unix nano text editor, there is a safety feature built in: auto save. Without auto save, you could lose all of your progress on the current piece of work. With auto save, when your computer stops supplying memory to nano, your work will automatically be saved to a save file.

SAVE - Nano Temporary Save File is the file extension for this program. How does it work? If you have named the file previously, it will be saved as the name with a SAVE file extension; when you haven't named the piece yet, it will be named nano with the SAVE file extension.

This is in place to save your content from being destroyed by a catastrophic event that cannot be foreseen. It is an almost invaluable tool when composing text of any length. It is almost surprising to find an advanced feature, like auto save, in a command line program. Command line interface never meant it wasn't an advanced program; although, we do look at command line interface as a way of the past.

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