File Extension SBN

Information about SBN files and how to open them

SBN - ESRI Spatial Binary File is a file extension that can be used by ESRI spatial mapping software. You can successfully use this extension for storing different information which is saved on a .SHP file. This type of file also consists of different information that can speed up spatial queries. All of the rectangles also have properties of their own which you can match up with the criteria of your choice. There are also some files that are not necessary for querying shape information. All of the shape data is also saved in many different SHP files. You will only be able to use the SBN format in ESRI software. You will need to make sure that you are aware of that before you install this extension to your computer.

Product(s) that can open SBN file

ArcGIS Explorer
ArcGIS Explorer
ArcGIS Explorer I was sent the ArcGIS Explorer software to try. While other GIS software solutions have a steep learning curve, I found that the ArcGIS Explorer...
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